My motivation for the Bible study is the same motivation I have to make time for friends in my life in order to maintain our close relationships. I was motivated to make this time to spend and get to know more of Father. My expectation of this Bible study was affirmation to my faith and also for new tools to use in continuing His ministry.


I was touched during the Bible study by knowing and most importantly experiencing the unity Jesus promises us despite our differences in age, gender, language and background. (Doing the Bible study with different members of our church and moksanim.)


I feel convicted to the duality of life. Death/sin or life; sin thru disobedience; salvation thru obedience; faith or no faith it surrounds us and understand why Father wants all or nothing from us. That is the only way. He did not save only half of humankind. Father is not faithful only sometimes. He wants the same heart and commitment from us and that is what I desire to give Him.


I wish to never compete the world with Father. I wish to seek humility in all the blessings Father is going to give throughout my life. I want to be committed to the truth that His glory, which is ALL things good is bigger than the cosmos and that sin and the problems of this world is nothing compared to it. And even in the midst of the unimaginable magnitude of His glory He sees me. He not only sees me but He loves me infinitely, unconditionally.