Susan Nam

My motivation and expectation of this New Life Bible study was to simply continue to feed and nourish my relationship with God.  I also wanted to tie up any loose ends in my faith.

I was touched during the Bible Study that God has called me to such an important and great purpose-that I am worthy, able, and righteous to carry out the highest calling.  Also, that the Holy Spirit is in constant communication with me when I allow the space for Him.

My commitment is to the PAIS servanthood-pushing myself to obedience- I now understand and see the importance of an obedient heart, most importantly in situations we absolutely don’t want to obey.  My commitment is to His Kingdom, that is as vast as the universe, when put into perspective, makes every single value of this world so trivial and insignificant. 

For the first time, when God calls me righteous, I feel like it wholeheartedly-which makes me feel strong, accepted, and completely filled and whole.  I feel excited for what’s to come in my personal life, relationships and mokjang.

Han Oh

I feel like God has been motivating me throughout each week of the Bible study.  He has continued to provide me with all the proper tools that I need to serve and do his will in a way that best suits me.  I feel as if He is challenging me every day and I want to be able to accept these challenges not because I have to but because I want to.  After the Bible study is over, I expect to continue to work for God and be his soldier who will fight to bring others to Christ.  For me, that will be through mokjang and just people that I encounter through my everyday life.

Throughout the Bible study, I felt as if God’s love was apparent in each week.  His love for me and his children touched me the most.  I want to be able to show this love that He has shown me to others who are involved in my life.

I realize that now after completing the Bible study, doing God’s will is and the only important thing that I need to concentrate on.  Doing His will, it will allow me to open the doors for everything else in my life that I had so much worried about.  As I continue to commit myself to this task, I truly believe that God will answer my prayers and continue to guide me through my spiritual battle against Satan.

Joshua Whang

Before I did the Bible study, I was reluctant to try it because it seemed annoying. However, as I started it, I began to realize how important this was to growth in my spirit.  I soon expected to look at my faith in a new light.  I wanted to grow from this Bible study.

I soon came to realized how the Bible study worked and I became interested in it.  The Bible study repeated many things I already knew about, but also addressed some issues in my heart.  I especially was touched during the evangelism week, as that was something I continued to struggle with.  Even though I am still not fully comfortable, I became closer to the idea of evangelism.

I plan to make an effort in changing some of my older values and ideas so that God could be number one in my life always. I plan to commit myself into working fervently for God.  I plan to apply all the lessons so that I could walk around as a model Christian and so that I could help those around me.